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Manufacturing equipment and accessories required in clean room

In the clean room, equipments are used that play the main role in the construction of a clean room, including partitions for the deployment of the entire clean room building and the arrangement of the rooms inside it, basically, the partitions include the walls, ceiling and floor of the clean building. be. In the structure of the clean room, they make a special design regarding the layout of the rooms depending on the use of the respective clean room. Other necessary parts include windows, lights and doors of the clean room, which are equipped with special locks (Interlocks) on the related doors in each part, so that if there are three doors in a corridor and one of them open, the locks of the other two doors will start working automatically until the third door is closed. As mentioned in the previous articles, the main task of the clean room is to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum for the industry used; For example, the pharmaceutical and space industry have differences regarding the amount of particles and pollution in the clean room. Therefore, in this regard, special devices for the air conditioning system, such as: chiller, air generator, cooling tower, boiler, suction fans and air purification filters are installed and maintained in the relevant building.
Apart from the necessary equipment for the production of the clean room building, other accessories are also used to work in these rooms, such as: benches, tables and furniture for the clean room, showers and cargo boxes for these rooms, special lockers for employees. , T-shirts and vacuum cleaners for clean room cleaning, shoe cleaners, surface and air disinfectants, special wipes for cleaning surfaces, special wipes for glass washing, special clothes for working in a clean room (masks, gloves, shoes, slippers, overalls, etc.), washing machines and related product manufacturing equipment such as capsule manufacturing machines in the pharmaceutical industry. It is worth mentioning that the industry of manufacturing clean room and its accessories is progressing daily and researches, exhibitions, seminars and international conferences are held in this regard every year in the leading countries of this industry.