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What is an air conditioner and what is its use?

The air conditioner is one of the most important devices of the air conditioning system and is usually used for the purpose of air conditioning a closed space. In the pharmaceutical, food and other industries that require the construction of a clean room for the production of related products, this system is not only used to produce pleasant air, but it has a more specialized function and in fact to reduce the pollution in the space to a minimum. It is used to produce a special product or for scientific research. The air conditioner is a large iron box that includes a blower, heating and cooling elements, air filters, sound attenuators and moderators. Each air conditioner is connected to an air conditioning system channel, which has the role of distributing clean air inside the room and collecting and returning the air inside the room to the air conditioner.
Pharmaceutical, food and health industries are among the industries where the air conditioning system and the air conditioner have an effective role in the quality and standard production of their products, and even on this basis, the air conditioners used in clean rooms are given special international certificates for The quality control of the production space of the relevant products is given. One of the elements that distinguishes special clean room air conditioners from normal air conditioners is the filters used in them. The filters in the clean room air conditioners are made to prevent the entry of the smallest dust and depending on the classes of the clean rooms, for example, they allow the entry of 102 particles in 0.3 microcrown and not more than this amount of particles. It is much less than normal spaces.

A brief explanation of the function of the components

Filter: which has the role of controlling the entry of dust particles into the relevant room. Filters are generally replaceable due to high performance and high wear.
Heating and cooling elements: These elements are installed to control the temperature of the air in the room, so that they distribute filtered cold air during hot weather and distribute warm air filtered from dust during hot weather.
Humidifier: Humidifiers are used in air conditioners in spaces where the heating system causes the air to dry, or where the area is usually one of the dry areas, and when air humidity is needed for the production of a special product or a special test. .
Fan/Blower: This device was used to move the air and let the air flow. The speed of air rotation through the fan depends on the type of efficiency of the air conditioner and the purpose of its use. Fans also help to transfer the room air into the air conditioner and fix it.