Noavaran Sanat Darou Baran

Noavaran Sanat Darou Baran

About us

Noavaran Sanat Darou Baran company with more than 15 years of experience in the clean room industry in line with the design, construction, commissioning, training and implementation of the principles of GMP, GLP, GSP and the Qualification/Validation program in pharmaceutical, food and other industries using Specialists and modern technology are working.

Baran Group is serving our dear compatriots by taking advantage of engineering, design and commercial groups in order to advance the clean room construction industry. In order to advance the quality of production spaces of pharmaceutical industries, this company has identified and invested in the implementation of production spaces with the participation of professional contractors, technical teams and engineers specializing in these matters. In order to implement production spaces, it is possible to use internal and external equipment and facilities with internal or external materials, according to the customer’s needs and requests.


Office address:
No. 13, Unit 11, East Laleh, South Jannat Abad, Tehran
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