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Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom Design

Design of cleanroom projects based on the latest GMP standards

Cleanroom Implementation

Implementation of cleanroom projects with the best brand materials

Cleanroom Equipment

Providing cleanroom equipment including doors, windows, air conditioners, etc.

Contract Management

Reducing costs and reducing the employer's responsibilities

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects, which are fully responsible

Cleanroom Tests

Carrying out all the tests related to the cleanroom

Exclusive consultation

Dedicated consulting about design, construct, ...

Render & Animation

Providing animation and renders of the entire project

Baran Cleanroom History

Innovative Sanat Daro Baran company with more than 15 years of experience in the clean room industry in line with the design, construction, commissioning, training and implementation of GMP, GLP, GSP principles and the Qualification/Validation program in pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It is working with the use of expert forces and modern technology.
Active departments of Baran company:
1- Department of Architecture
2- Department of mechanical installations
3- Department of electrical installations
4- Product sales department
5- Implementation department

Baran Cleanroom Products

Cleanroom Doors
Cleanroom Windows
Cleanroom Curves
Cleanroom Lights

Our Latest Projects

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For consultation with Baran’s specialized department regarding design, implementation, construction or equipment, you can contact us through the link below without the need to visit in person.

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